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Getting married or eloping? If you are looking for a wedding minister, Justice of the Peace, officiant, celebrant or information on who can celebrate a wedding ceremony in your location contact the Moderator of the American Association of Wedding Officiants. This service is free to you and primary purpose is to assist you in finding the officiant you desire to conduct your wedding ceremony. Officiants from the AAWO will be notified to contact you to assist in your selection of a professional wedding officiant.

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AAWO Members

Be sure to allow enough time for you to select the desired officiant and allow them time to prepare for your wedding. The AAWO is over 500 members strong with professional officiants in most all states whether it be for any religious or a civil marriage ceremony.

Moderator E-Mail- Click Here

 Include in your request:

  • Your Names, contact information, e-mail address to send info to.

  • Your wedding date, month, day, year

  • Your wedding location, town, state, place.

  • Any special requests or information you feel important.


  This information will be sent to an officiant near you who should contact you to help find someone who can perform your marriage ceremony.



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Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before You Book The Wedding

  1. Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?

  2. How long have you  officiated weddings?

  3. About how many weddings you do per year?

  4. What training have you had?

  5. Will you go to my location to do a ceremony?

  6. What type of ceremonies will you perform?

  7. What are your rules as to photography ?

  8. Is  pre-marital counseling required?

  9. Do you have ceremony samples?

  10. What are the fees charged?

  CAUTION: Some web based "officiants" are in fact not registered in your area but are web based referral agencies that seek a fee from officiants to receive a referral.  Ask your officiant if they are a referral group or in fact an officiant registered in your city or town. Be sure to know who and what you are dealing with. Try to select an officiant actually registered and performing ceremonies in your local area not a referral group who charges referral fees.

  If it is possible see if you can see the officiant in action at another wedding. Be sure to contact an officiant in time before booking a rental hall or location so you are sure you have a professional officiant for your ceremony.

Membership is free to registered wedding officiants and must be applied for at  the associations Group Link: 

 AAWO Group

Brides and Grooms may post a request for information of any member on the AAWO Group Message Board, post only a short message with contact information, at this link:

AAWO Messages

Read the Membership Link at this web page:

AAWO Members

For further information on the American Association of Wedding Officiants  contact the Moderator or Co-Moderator at the below links:


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Web Page:  New Orleans Weddings

Pastor Marie April Gismondi  Moderator


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