Our ministers provide non-denominational religious service to families and individuals. Weddings, Funerals, Baby Blessings, Vow Renewal and more.

  Indivudials with no home church, visitors, or people looking for a home chuch can contact Chaplain Jerry Schwehm for help with weddings, baptisms, funerals, or any religious services needed.  I am an Ordained Ceremony Officiant Ordained, Interfaith/Non-Denominational Minister in New Orleans. I am honored to work with couples of all traditions, faiths and lifestyles for any services.
What could be more joyous than a celebration birth of a child or a marriage vow renewal, or special wedding.
Married but want to reaffirm your love and marriage, renew your vows in a lovely celebration.
A baby blessing, (baptism) is a ceremony that celebrates and welcomes your child into life in family and community. This is an alternative to a traditional baptism or Christening. They have become very popular as they help fill the spiritual need for parents who are of different faiths, do not belong to a church, or do not practice a religion.
At your home, restaurant, or a rental place we will help you. E-mail for details. He or one of his associates will contact you to assist as needed.

E-mail jerryschwehm@yahoo.com

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