Old Photos to Work Of Art

New Orleans Artist JK Schwehm will take an old family photo and  make it into a beautiful work of art. At right is an original 5X7 old photo of his three children at Disney World. By using his computer to crop out the unwanted parts, what remained was a good composition of the three children. From this image he was able to paint in acrylic a beautiful work of art. Contact him by e-mail for details and prices to do a portrait from your family photos.














Three Kids At Disney World Photograph (1987)

ThreeKidsweb.jpg (33019 bytes)

Three Kids Acrylic Painting 2000

Below is an original 5X7 family photograph of his children on a ferry. By taking out the parts not wanted in the painting what was left was a great composition of his 2 girls dancing on a ferry. That was then painted in acrylic into a beautiful work of art.

girlsonferryphoto.jpg (200113 bytes)                girlsonferryweb.jpg (36290 bytes)

Girls On Ferry Photograph 1988                                                      Girls on Ferry Acrylic Painting 2000


Note the computer graphics on this page do not do the original paintings justice, the originals are much more vibrant.