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The First Wedding In Pirates Alley New Orleans

   The tradition of being married in Pirates Alley in the French Quarter is clouded in secrecy and varies as who tells the tale. One is never sure who was actually the first to get married there but this tale  as told to me often during my life is a sure as any tale of pirates, ghosts, and love. Back in the days of the Pirates of Barataria many young men from many places joined in to make a fortune. Called �smugglers� by some, hated by Spain, used by France but admired by Americans as an independent lot who at times would help the poor and ill treated.

  I am told one Reginald Hicks, who began as a cabin boy on an English ship was taken by some pirates and raised by them. Only a lad in his early teens when captured ultimately raised himself to a first mate by the time of the War of 1812.. He was trusted by all his pirate brethren and their leader Jean Lafitte. He along with several other men met with General Jackson to aid the Americans in the Battle of New Orleans. Of course Master Hicks was a good looking young man having many a lass looking at him but in his heart was none other but a beautiful Creole French girl, Marie Angel Beauchamp. She too had only thoughts of him and whenever he came into the City they would steal off into the night, keeping their love a secret as it was not permissible for a young Creole Catholic girl to be seeing a Pirate of English extraction.

  As things would happen on Master Hick�s visit to meet with General Jackson he learned that his Marie was expecting their child. He being raised as an English gentleman his first decade of life did not want to leave the city without getting married. His child would have a father and his love would not be scorned for having a child. All evening they searched in vain for a priest to marry them but most required that they both be Catholic, others would not think of doing a ceremony on such short notice. Eventually they had 2 options, simply jumping a broom down in Barataria or seeking out a German born baker in the jail who was also an ordained Protestant minister. Master Hicks did not want to take Marie to Barataria which meant she would have to stay and may never see her family and friends in the city again. So they very early in the morning made their way to the Cabildo and asked the jail�s warden if they could speak with the Minister. He would only allow them to see him through the iron gate facing Orleans Alley. But right there and then they were married. Soon gathered many early arriving workers and some visitors who witnessed the first wedding in Pirates Alley. Documents drawn and signed by a Notary on his way to file others for record and all present signed making the marriage both Civil and Religious.
  Here again the story varies as exactly what happened. What happened to Master Reginald Hicks remains a mystery, some say he was killed in the Battle of New Orleans and seeks out his lovely Marie nightly in Pirates Alley today as a spirit. Others say he and Marie left for Galveston with Pirate Lafitte after Louisiana was sold to America. But if you go to Pirates Alley early in the morning on the right day of the right month you can hear laughter and celebration and wedding bells and a cold breeze passes you by.
Believe as you may.

JK Schwehm at Fig Street.
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Map to Pirates Alley

Dr. Schwehm with wedding couple in  New Orleans French Quarter.

(Photo by Jennifer Bishop)

Complete your wedding trip with a custom tour of the French Quarter. We specialize in private, small tours that include only the wedding party and/or their invited guests and family. Tours are conducted day or night, 7 days a week. Please call or text at 703-650-8389 or email me at Thanks, Dominick Musso

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New Orleans Marriage License Information:

   It is possible in New Orleans to get a marriage license and be married in the same day. Brides and Grooms are responsible for obtaining the marriage license from the State of Louisiana  before the wedding ceremony. Either person may obtain the license from the State Office of Vital Records or other Parish Clerks of Court offices. Any valid Louisiana license can allow a ceremony in any Louisiana location. A Louisiana License obtained in Lafayette, Lake Charles, or Baton Rouge, La. is good in New Orleans. The New Orleans Wedding License Office is now open on Saturdays from 10:00 to 2:00 but closed Holidays.  Identification is required along with authentic copies of birth certificates and any divorce judgments. In some cities there is a three-day waiting period from the time the license is issued, it can be waived by a judge. In New Orleans the wait can be waived by the minister. Dr. Schwehm can issue waivers when needed for visitors to New Orleans. No medical tests are necessary. The license is good for 30 days. You must present the license to the person doing the ceremony in advance as it requires the officiant to complete some portions.  A ceremony must be conducted before 2 adult witnesses  who also sign the certificates. The cost of the license is  just under $30.00 paid to the State. For further information contact the State Marriage License Office address and phone below. Make New Orleans your wedding destination and get married then enjoy your New Orleans Honeymoon.


1010 Common St
New Orleans, LA

(504) 568-3620
Hours: 8 am - 4 pm Mon.- Call to confirm office hours.


Minister E-Mail Address


     Dr. Schwehm and wedding couples in Pirates Alley.     Photos by Jennifer Bishop


Dr. Schwehm and wedding couple in Pirates Alley.     Photos by Julia Bailey

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