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Getting Married Abroad Information For Foreign Visitors To New Orleans


  Most countries recognize marriages taken place in a foreign land as long as the parties meet the marriage laws of their home land.  If you have a specific question about your country you should contact your local marriage office for details from them. Information and sample forms are found here Generally, in Louisiana you will need your passport or birth certificates which must be in English. If either of you has been married before, bring the divorce decree in the case of divorce or a certified copy of the death certificate if widowed to prove your prior marriage has ended.  There is no residency requirement nor for need blood tests in New Orleans.  The three day waiting period can be waived for visitors getting married in New Orleans.  Many foreign visitors have been married in New Orleans with little problems as long as the parties have the necessary documents to present in person to the Marriage License Office. While planning a wedding abroad may be more complicated than a hometown affair, keep in mind it may be less expensive and  it's a great way to get a jump on your honeymoon.  Contact the US Embassy or consulate of  your Home Country to learn more details of marriage requirements  in the USA. 

Essential Documents

These are the basic legal documents you will need to take with you in person to the Louisiana Marriage License Office. If not in English a proper translation must be brought with you. All documents are required to be the originals although  a Judge may waive the need in certain circumstances.

  • Your birth certificates
  • Ten year passports valid until at least six months after your return
  • Proof of your full names, addresses
  • If you are widowed the death certificate of your former spouse
  • A Decree Absolute Divorce if either of you are divorced
  • Proof of name change if it has been altered by Court Judgment

Some Helpful Links:

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Info from UK on out of country weddings.

 French Quarter Wedding Information

   Many intimate hotels and restaurants in the French Quarter do weddings, there are also little places in the French Quarter to do a small wedding like Pirates Alley, the Moon Walk, the Spanish Square, and the gates at Jackson Square either for an elopement or before a cruise departing from New Orleans. There are other little out of the way places in the French Market also where a small wedding can take place, lovely walkways, fountains, and statues. Most open public places are free for a small simple wedding. 

  If you need help with planning your wedding in New Orleans contact Dr. JK Schwehm, he can recommend a nice hotel or good wedding planner. Dr. Schwehm has performed both religious and civil ceremonies in the Greater New Orleans area for 15 years, see his web page at Elope To New Orleans for details.

New Orleans Marriage License Information:

 Either the bride or groom before  may obtain the license in person from the State Office of Vital Records or other Parish Clerks of Court offices before the ceremony is conducted. Offices open weekdays only.. Identification is required along with authentic copies of birth certificates and any divorce judgments. A Passport is as good as a birth certificate.In some cities there is a three-day waiting period. In New Orleans a Minister or Judge can waive the waiting period in writing for non-residents when good reasons exist. No medical tests are necessary. The license is good for 30 days. You must present the license to the person doing the ceremony in advance as it requires the officiant to complete some portions in black ink only.  A ceremony must be conducted before 2 adult witnesses  who also sign the certificates. The cost of the license is  just under $30.00 paid to the State. For further information contact  the office located near the City Hall

Info on getting certified copies for Europe:
1. When requesting the marriage licence we told the marriage clerk that we will be in town for a few days after the marriage and we'd like to pick up the copy of the certificate of marriage in person. We asked if it is possible to shorten the 3-6 weeks processing time for registering the marriage and creating the copy of the marriage certificate. The marriage clerk was positive about this and told us to ask for her when we return.
2. After the wedding I went to the Parish Marriage Licence Office again, signed in and luckily the same marriage clerk was there. When it was my turn I asked her if it is possible that I wait for the registration and copy. The marriage clerk registered the marriage and provided me the copies of the marriage certificate. Documents required: marriage certificate, 72h-waiver, receipt for the prepaid copies of the marriage certificate (we requested and paid them together with the marriage licence).
3. With the copy of the marriage certificate I drove to the office of the Secretary of State in Baton Rouge. I walked in, signed in and requested an Apostille for Germany (it costs $20). Five minutes later I got it.
An Apostille is not required by all German marriage registration offices. Couples should get in touch with their local office and ask if it is necessary or if the marriage certificate is sufficient. This is a German site with information of the Consulate General Houston. Especially the pdf "Eheschließung Louisiana" contains all the steps which are necessary for German couples to get married in Louisiana and to have the marriage accepted in Germany.


1450 Poydras St Benson Tower.
New Orleans, LA

(504) 539-5116
Hours: 8 am - 2 pm Mon.- Fri

Call to confirm office times and location. Other Clerk of Court offices are in each parish.


  New Orleans Wedding Minister Information:

 Jerry Kenneth Schwehm  served as as Justice of the Peace in 1990 to 1994 in  Slidell, La. and was ordained in 1989 as a Lay Minister after serving as Elder and Deacon in his church for many years. He has a BA and JD from Louisiana State University (1972) and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from a  local Bible Church in 1990. He has performed numerous wedding ceremonies for Citizen's of the UK and other countries. He is available in the Greater New Orleans area to perform your personalized marriage ceremony. He will go to your location or at his office in Fig House. He may be contacted at the below e-mail or call  504/617-6359.


More French Quarter Wedding Places:

St. Louis Cathedral  originally begun in1794, was named for the French king, it  is the oldest active cathedral in the United States. It is is well worth a visit, with dramatic murals, sculpture, stained glass and marble tombs of early prominent citizens. The cathedral is open to the public. Weddings are allowed for a fee and the Cathedral must be contacted well in advance. Worshipers are welcome, and tours of the buildings are given daily.

The Presbytere  originally built in 1797 to the right of St. Louis Cathedral, was first built as the priests house, it then used as as a courthouse under the Spanish. Today, the Presbytere is part of the Louisiana State Museum Complex, housing some permanent and changing exhibitions on the history and culture of Louisiana. Small simple weddings can take place out front. Rooms rental must be done with the museum staff.

The Cabildo  begun in 1799, on the left of the Cathedral was named for the Spanish Government  that was housed there. In 1803 in the front room on the second floor the Louisiana Purchase took place. Later the Cabildo served as the City Hall, then the Supreme Court of Louisiana. Today, the Cabildo, is a museum and houses various exhibits on Louisiana.

The Pontalba Apartments, are two sets of large red brick buildings built in the 1840's by the Baroness Micaela Pontalba.,  on each side of Jackson Square. She was the daughter of a very wealthy Spaniard, Don Almonester y Rojas.  The baroness married her cousin Baron Celestin de Pontalba in France. She caused a scandal when she had a fight with her father-in-law, left her husband, and returned to New Orleans to live in these lovely apartments. Today there are many shops on the ground floors and apartments on the top floors.


     Dr. Schwehm and wedding couples in Pirates Alley.     Photos by Jennifer Bishop

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