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Marriage Service Agreement

Required Information
 After years of performing weddings I have found it best to obtain information from the prospective Bride and Groom as soon as possible. Below is a form that can be cut and pasted to your word processor or download a copy at below link in  ".doc"  format for you to complete and e-mail. I am not booked to I get the service agreement along with the required deposit to book your wedding date. A copy of the form and deposit can be snail mailed to me. All the details should be e-mailed me in one e-mail as soon as you can. I cannot be booked via text messages, I need the form emailed to me. I do a lot of weddings and it is important I get the required information as soon as possible via e-mail to make a note to my calendar. I get many requests and the details are very important that is why I have the below form. It has the details I need to mark my calendar. Call me the day before to confirm you are set to go, 504 302-8711. Be sure to contact me that you are ready and have the license the day before the wedding.
Generally the minimum deposit is $100.00 or half of the estimated fee. Balance is due before the wedding day. Total fee varies with date, time, location. Be sure to get a fee estimate. If any changes are made to the below information advise me ASAP. I can be reached by e-mail will keep a better record. I can accept checks and money orders in person or via regular mail.Pay Pal is best. Include names, date, time, and location with the check so I know who is sending in the deposit for what. Be sure I am well informed as to date, time, and place and ask if I have placed that information on my booking calendar so I make it to the correct location on the right day and time. I have several associates who also help out.
Call the office 504/302-8711 the week of the wedding to confirm the date time and place. If you cancel out or change locations please notify me 24 hours in advance so I do not run out to find no one has come to get married. Be sure to notify me of any change of time or location as I am available only for the hour I am booked. A change of time may conflict with other scheduled events. On most weekends I am not in the office as I do weddings all over the area, if you have to reach me when I am out ask for my cell phone number. Do not e-mail me on wedding day, call cell phone, as I am not in the office. Call the office phone the day before the wedding and leave a message you are ready.
The license to marry can be obtained at any Louisiana Clerk of Court Office and must be with you at the ceremony. Be sure to have certified copies of the birth certificates with you to get license, and check with license office what documents are needed to get a license to marry. Unless and until I have both a signed service agreement and a deposit I am not booked to provide service to you. Be sure to confirm I have both and I am booked. If a conflict arises or I become ill I will seek an associate Minister to cover your service. The minister does not conduct the rehearsal but will attend if requested and compensated for time.

I do have a Pay Pal account that can be used when necessary but personal checks are fine. Be sure you have sufficient funds for your check to clear. NSF checks will carry additional charges and I will not be booked to perform your services until all deposit and fees paid. Deposits apply to work done prior to the event and are not refundable.

Jerry K Schwehm & Associates, Weddings

OFFICE: moved from New Orleans, LA 70119

HOME:Office. 65115 Highway 41, Pearl River, LA 70452

Tel: 504-302-8711

Booking Form


Wedding Day: __________ Date_________ Time_______________



COUPLE�S NAMES: _______________________________________________

Home Address: ______________________________________________________________

Contact Info: Home Phone________________________Local Phone: ____________

LOCAL  Hotel:________________________________________________________________

Minister to Attend Rehearsal: Yes_______No______Date_________________

REHEARSHAL SITE: ________________________________________

Address: ______________________ Phone._______________________


CEREMONY TYPE: Religious: ____ Spiritual: _________Civil__________:

CEREMONY READINGS: _________________________________________ Vows___________________________________________________________

Special Requests




PARTIES MUST SECURE A LICENSE FROM STATE BEFORE CEREMONY PERFORMED (check with state as to what documents you need to get a license to marry)

Service provided upon payment in advance only. I understand that if services are cancelled, deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. Fees are based upon amount of service time and services provided. Arrangement to pay all fees must be before ceremony. Signed agreement must be received along with required deposit or no services provided. I am booked only the date, place, and hour above, no last minute changes.

Total Fees: _________Deposit Paid___________ Balance Due: __________________

SIGNATURE OF RESPONSIBLE PARTY:________________________________ DATE: .__________

Click here to down load copy of above form:use Only home address For Mail.
Click here for the form in .pdf.
Here is copy in .doc FORMAT: Click here for the form in .doc (edit in WORD)

  Any questions e-mail me at

I am able to accept some credit card payments via the above Pay Pal link, just click on it to send a deposit. Usefull for couples outside USA.

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NOTICE: Vital Records Central Office will offer walk-in services at Benson Tower, 1450 Poydras St, Suite 400, New Orleans, LA. Vital Records Customer Serivce Call Center can be reached at 504-593-5100 . You can also get a marriage license at Second City Court, Algiers or the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Courts Office or any Clerk of Court in Louisiana.

Chaplain JK Schwehm
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Tel: (504) 302-8711 Answer Service

Best way to contact is e-mail or leave message at answer service and I will return your call ASAP. My cell number has changed if you call it it may say it is not active.