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New Orleans Wedding Minister

Fees and Costs

Booking Form  and Deposit Requirements:

When requesting availability be specific with date, time, location, see form below for what I need to check my calendar. I cannot book a wedding by Text message. I do weddings any day, any month of any year. Some days several per day. It just depends if I am open. Knowing the date, time, location and who is important. So I can see if I am open or if one of my associates is open. I am happy to meet up before booking but still need details so I know if I am open for the wedding and meet up and something about the couple and what is expected. I meet in a coffee shop near my office regularly.
A non-refundable booking fee and booking form is required to secure a time and date commitment for your wedding. It may be paid by check or money order paid to, Jerry Schwehm, 65115 Hwy 41 Pearl River, LA 70452. Plus Pay Pal over the web by Pay Pal. (Check is preferred as Pay Pal charges me a fee to use it.) E-mail the booking form ASAP as that info is needed to mark the calendar. If you mail a check be sure to also mail names,date,time, and location so I can post the deposit paid on my calendar. This fee is normally paid to Jerry Schwehm after the initial wedding plan discussion is complete to secure your date and time. This is especially needed May through October and for any holiday weekend.  Reasonable e-mails, and telephone calls from brides and grooms with questions about their wedding are welcomed prior to booking. A personal meeting is encouraged when possible. Dr. Schwehm is available most weekdays in Slidell, LA near his home or at other scheduled times when he is in New Orleans. He can also be contacted on Skype, jerry.schwehm . Smaller weddings may require a smaller fee, which is determined on a case by case basis by Dr. Schwehm. Associate Ministers are also available to help. Without a deposit your time and date is not secure. Be sure you have enough funds to cover a check. An NSF check will add additional fees and does not book my services. A bad check cancels your service automatically. IMPORTANT: Dr. Schwehm must be telephoned the week of the wedding to confirm the wedding is on. Also please notify Dr. Schwehm of any cancellations so he can remove the time from his calendar.Call 504/302-8711 for the answer service. Please call the day of the wedding so I know you have a license and are ready for the marriage service. I do not wait more than 15 minutes, if you are late we can reschedule as I am very busy. Call to set a new time if you are late. Certified copies come from the state several weeks after the ceremony. Ministers do not issue license or certified copies. Ask the license office about certified copies when you go get your license there in person.

Type in e-mail address if necessary. I am also on Skype.

Ceremony Honorarium Minimum $200.00

A minimum honorarium of $200 for the first hour is expected for wedding ceremony, and $100.00 for each additional hour thereafter. Normally this is paid in advance of the wedding unless a rehearsal is also included when payment is expected by or at the rehearsal. There is an additional minimum $100.00 per hour fee for rehearsals. Generally the wedding coordinator does the walk through and not the Minister. Rehearsal, parking, travel, or other special expenses are additional costs and expected to be paid by the couple before the ceremony begins. Weddings on a Holiday are up to double the regular rate depending on time and location.

Most normal weddings will cost $200.00 to $350.00, the total of the booking fee and the minimum Honorarium. Fess are based or what I do, when and where, not set to I have all the details of the wedding.

Helpful Links

Links to other services, photographers, chairs, etc can be found at this page: Planning Links If you need other services then just a wedding officiant for the ceremony. As a wedding officiant I do not provide other services. Suggested locations too are linked on my pages. I do not secure a location but perform a ceremony where you ask me to go. I go to many places but seems like City Park and Pirates Alley most of the time. Links are to the left in the margin with pictures on pages and my blog.


I always make effort to meet the couples who desire I do their ceremony. I usually meet at a coffee shop in Mid City near my office or on Skype. I do not conduct rehearsals but gladly participates in any rehearsal as a Minister, when open. The fee is $100.00 per hour. A planner or wedding staff person at the venue does the walk through. Dr.Schwehm is not a wedding planner and does not do that function. If you need instructions on the processional or any planning details a planner may be needed. The minister does not provide chairs, microphones, conducts the walk through, or gets flowers and the like. There are web pages with info on rehearsals like this one at my blog:
How, Who, Why of Wedding Rehearsals

Search Google for more free info on a walk through of the attendants.

Click here to visit Marriage Preparation Online. for an outline of how to plan a wedding.

To ensure that each couple is ready for the ceremony a telephone call to Dr. Schwehm the night or morning before the wedding is required.  I am also on Skype.

Please call and communicate you have a license and there are no changes in plans as close to the wedding as possible, 504/302-8711 for the answer service.


Wedding ceremonies in paid locations must be paid by the couple including any fees for the Officiant to park or enter such as Theme Parks or Festivals. Any special setting that may require him to remain for several hours also may incur additional costs depending on the amount of time required. No decorations, music, candles, microphones are provided. Couples are responsible for items they want at their service. 


If travel is expected out of the area, the bride and groom are expected to pay all hospitality and transportation expenses for the Minister. A cost will be discussed for the travel at the booking. Any wedding outside the City of New Orleans must be fully discussed and may include travel costs.

Contact Information

  Courtesy dictates that you contact the Minister about changes or cancellations and  keep him well informed as to your plans.Phone, 504/617-6359, e-mail A booking information form is provided below to let him know how to contact the couple if necessary. Either cut and paste this form into your e-mail or print it out then mail the info in.I cannot book a wedding by text message. Please be sure he has your phone number and contact information as soon as possible in case of changes and questions. Until this information is received the wedding is not booked or placed on the calendar.


Associate Ministers

 Fig Street Wedding Ministry has several Associate Ministers that can assist on dates Dr. Schwehm is not open. All have assisted in other areas of Fig Street Ministries and are currently registered to perform marriages in Louisiana. If Dr. Schwehm for some reason due to accident or illness cannot make a scheduled appointment one of them will be there. He will arrange for them to help out when necessary.

Minister E-Mail Address



Dr. Jerry K. Schwehm

HOME:65115 Highway 41, Pearl River, LA 70452


Tel: 504-302-8711

Booking Form Information

(Cut and Paste In E-mail)



Wedding Day: __________ Date_________ Time_______________


Call and confirm the week before.504/617-6359





COUPLE�S NAMES: _______________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Contact Info: Home Phone________________________Local Phone: ____________


Minister to Attend Rehearsal: Yes_______No______Date_________________

Rehearsal Location __________________Date and Time _____________

Address: ______________________ Phone._______________________


CEREMONY TYPE: Religious: ____ Spiritual: ______________Civil__________:

CEREMONY READINGS: _________________________________________ Vows___________________________________________________________

Special Requests



Estimated Fees: _______Deposit Paid_________ Due:_________


Service provided upon payment in advance only. I understand that if services are cancelled, deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. Fees are based upon amount of service time and services provided. Arrangement to pay all fees must be before ceremony. No deposit or agreement received no services rendered. Must call and confirm the week before. Read and follow above booking policy.

Total Fees: _________Deposit Paid__________(Minimum deposit: $50) Balance Due: ___________

Click here to down load copy of above form:
Click here for the form in .pdf.
Here is copy in .doc FORMAT: Click here for the form in .doc (edit in WORD)

Be sure to mail to 65115 Hwy 41, Pearl River, LA 70452 or use Pay Pal

Pay Pal link. Be sure to add date, time, location and who the deposit is for.
Add Date, time, place

C�l�brants de mariages. C�r�monies de mariage.
C�r�monies personnalis�es de mariage, Civiles, non confessionnelles, � L'emplacement de votre choix, execute par Dr.Schwehm.

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