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    Fig Street Art Studio is currently located in Pearl River, La. and has an office in Newark, De, near Philadelphia. It is an art studio where work is done, not a gallery or retail outlet. Art sold on web only through other companies. It was formerly located in the Carrollton area of New Orleans but moved due to the storm. E mail is the only way to contact us. Phone numbers have changed a lot since this web page done Try Google, 504/302-8711 it should work. But e-mail is best. .
Art sales are through Zazzle on the web. See:

Click LINK. Fig Street Studio at Zazzle

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Fig Street Studio is the home of New Orleans Artist JK Schwehm. Dedicated to producing fine and graphic art related to his home town, music, and traverls. Art, t-shirts, and gift items from Alligators to Zydeco musicians are created by JK Schwehm and his fellow Fig Street Studio artists. Follow the links provided here to view and purchase paintings, portraits, prints, posters, t-shirts, ceramic tiles, and coffee mugs. If you want a portrait painted or a logo done for your organization or group just e-mail us your request. Below are a few samples of the art found on the Gallery page. I hope one day to be able to return to the City but finances will dictate that. My art is sold in a few places in New Orleans but mostly on the web. St, in the French Quarter sells my greeting cards, If you know of a shop in your area that may want to sell my art let me know.

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Links to My Art Sold On The Web.

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 Link to a short video inside studio see Fig Street Studio Video

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